If you are a primary income earner for your family and worry that your family may not have money to bury you in case of your death, please don’t leave them with embarrassment and debt. Gofundme account or relying on others should not be the plan. Traditional burial costs range anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000.

The Plan…

Purchase a permanent life insurance policy to provide the funds necessary to pay final expenses. You will feel better knowing it might help ease your family members’ pain during a stressful time. We have GUARANTEED ISSUE, with NO MEDICAL available for your process of qualifying you.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?  Allow us to contact you so that we might provide you with a plan.

Advantaged Insurance offers the services of

Personal Funeral Advocates,

FREE of Charge! Who will support your family when they need it most?

With no funeral plan and little to no experience to guide them, survivors often mistakenly overspend by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Your family needs expert help to protect them from unwise financial decisions.

Who will support your family when they need it most?


Do you know today’s funeral costs are rising FAST?

  • The same funeral could cost $2,000 OR $10,000
  • Depending on the funeral home your family chooses
  • There is the emotional upheaval of losing a loved one.
  • There are pressing time constraints to consider
  • There are many on-the-spot decisions that have to me made.
  • There are big differences in pricing on funerals
  • There is no prior experience regarding what’s needed or not needed

For the Last 30 Years, funeral costs have been growing much faster than overall Consumer Price Index.


The cost above does not include common costs like:

  • Cemetery Property
  • Markers
  • Etc.

Stop settling for insurance companies that aren’t giving you the type of service you’re looking for. ​Call Advantaged Insurance to book an appointment today!

range between $8,000.00 to $15,000


A Final Expense Plan

There are many different final expense plans on the market. You've probably seen the ads on TV, in the newspaper, your email or you may have heard it on the radio. Final Expense plans can all start to look alike. But ... they're not all the same. Follow these steps to make sure you're a smart shopper.
Steps to follow

Start with what you can count on

You may have savings. You May Count on government benefits. But how will you make up the Difference?

If you died today, would you be leaving your loved ones with a HUGE bill?

Decide how much cash your loved ones will need.

Unless you’re expecting your loved ones to cover funeral costs. You’ll need to set aside cash to cover the expenses.

Take care of your tomorrow, Today!

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