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Why should one Purchase

A life Insurance Policy?

Home insurance

If you are raising a family while paying down their mortgage, it can be even difficult at times to make ends meet. Whatever happens, you don’t want your children to lose their home or be burdened with debt in case of the death of a primary income earner. Your loved ones do not have to be forced out of your home in case of your death.

The plan….

Education Insurance

With the volatility in the stock market and the poor performance of the likes of 529 Plan, CDs, and NOT to even consider savings account for a promising child’s college dream, you want to speak with one of licensed agent to carve out a real solid plan. This conundrum is in addition to the possibility of the possible untimely death of a primary income earning parent.

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Income Replacement

Whether you have one or two income coming into the household, it is unfathomable to perceive the loss of any income due to untimely death. One will want to make sure the income they provide today is there for the family should something happen to either of them.

The plan….


If you are a primary income earner for your family and worry that your family may not have money to bury you in case of your death, please don’t leave them with embarrassment and debt. Gofundme account or relying on others should not be the plan. Traditional burial costs range anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000.

The Plan…


Do you have dreams of traveling the world for your annual exotic vacations, living in your dream home, stress free retirement? To withdraw from your 401K/403B for vacation or other non-qualifying expense can be very costly.

The plan…

Why should one Purchase A Life Insurance Policy

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Looking for Burial or Final Expense Coverage?

Your Family will need expert help to protect them. Get Peace of Mind with Advantaged Insurance Final Expense plan. Our Personal Funeral Advocates are like guardian angels for your family.

Here at Advantaged Insurance, Our Caring Expert Advocates will make sure your family is treated fairly when making final arrangements. We’ll shop and compare as many as three different local funeral homes to get the best deal.

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Indexed Universal Life Insurance Retirement Hack


It is more affordable than you think. But it is the surest way of exhibiting your love to your family and yourself.

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